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Vojvodina Wine Tour will take you to the most beautiful locations in Vojvodina, the northern region of Serbia, that are the absolute must if you want to enjoy the best wines and food. Vojvodina Wine Tour starts in Belgrade and goes through Vršac, Bečej, Palić, Subotica, Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci, Fruška Gora and the tour ends in Belgrade.

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE LOCATIONNikola Tesla airport, Belgrade
TRANSFER TO/FROM AIRPORTPrivate, dedicated transfer
AccommodationsFood & drink as in Tour
Professional guide

Accommodation for 1 (single) or 2 (couple) people is in one apartment.

Accommodation for 3 or 4 people is in 2 apartments.

Accommodation for 5 to 6 people is in 3 apartments, 2 people in each apartment, or in 2 apartments, 2 and 4 people together.

Flight to Belgrade
Flight from Belgrade

You know, in each segment of ex-Yugoslavia, multi-ethnic life is lost, except I think we somehow still have this in Serbia.

Emir Kusturica



First Day:

Arrival at the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, welcome by the agency guide and panoramic tour of Belgrade, followed by a tour of the Temple of Saint Sava and a walk through the Kalemegdan Fortress.

Accommodation in a hotel. Traditional dinner in a restaurant on the river. Overnight



Second Day:

Morning departure from Belgrade and drive to Vršac in the eastern part of Vojvodina.

Continue sightseeing of the city by foot:

  • A visit to the Vršac Tower, from where there is an unforgettable view of the fertile Vojvodina plain, with many vineyards. Visit to the Vršac winery and presentation of the well-preserved tradition of viticulture and wine production. Wine tasting, serving.
  • Continuation of the drive to Bečej and visit to the Fantast Castle, a former manor house on the spacious Vojvodina property of the Dundjerski family.
  • A drive to the wine region of Palić and a visit to the famous Zvonko Bogdan Winery, located in a strikingly and artistically decorated Art Nouveau style building, completely in harmony with the surroundings of the spacious vineyards.
  • Presentation of technology and luxuriously decorated wine cellar, tasting of excellent ‘sand wines’: white wines Sauvignon blanc, Pinot blanc, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay and red wines Merlot and Frankovka, with serving selected food, which best represents the original tastes of Vojvodina.
  • Accommodation on the Vojvodina farm, overnight.



Third Day:

After breakfast, a short walk around Lake Palić and through the center of Subotica, with a tour of the Reichl Palace and the synagogue and enjoying the view from the top of the City Hall.

  • Drive to Novi Sad. Visit to the famous Farm 137 in Chennai, the original Vojvodina farm that best represents the way of life of Vojvodina. Tasting of local products and the best local wines.
  • Sightseeing of the historical core of Novi Sad: Town Hall, Trg Slobode, Cathedral…. Sightseeing of the Petrovaradin Fortress, which offers an unforgettable view of the city.
  • Drive to Sremski Karlovci, the cultural, educational and spiritual center of the Serbs and accommodation in the luxurious Hotel Premier President. Traditional dinner with wine tasting of Sremski Karlovci and Fruška Gora.
  • Overnight stay /possibility of wellness content



Fourth Day:

After breakfast, a short walk through the beautifully landscaped center of Sremski Karlovci: Patriarchal Palace, Church of St. Nicholas, Gymnasium, fountain with four lions….

  • Visit to one of the most famous wine cellars and presentation of the rich tradition of wine production on Fruška Gora in an authentic and beautifully decorated wine cellar. Wine tasting – Italian Riesling and original dessert wine Bermet, for which Sremski Karlovci is widely known.
  • Drive along the gently undulating slopes of Fruška Gora to Perko’s farm. Welcome of a cordial host in folk costume with the serving of homemade brandy-or juice and bread with salt. Rich traditional lunch. Tasting of original wines of Fruška Gora – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Probus.
  • Possible visit to the Hopovo monastery, with beautiful frescoes from the 16th century.
  • The crown of the Vojvodina wine tour is a visit to the Kovačević Winery, on the way to Belgrade, with the presentation of the wine production tradition, which ends with a tasting of excellent Fruška Gora wines Aurelius, Orfelin and Sauvignon blanc…
  • Evening arrival in Belgrade and end of the program.



Fifth Day:

After breakfast free time until transfer to Belgrade airport and departure flight. End of program.

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