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    Belgrade is a unique city for many reasons. The capital city at the crossroads of the bigger world’s roads, but it has kept the spirit of the passing of time, so it is possible to experience still the same visit to places that Belgraders always enjoyed visiting, especially artists. That’s how Bohemian Belgrade was born, which will convey the secret traces of the past times and the artist. This tour was made to show you the secrets of Belgrade and its spirit.

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    NIKOLA TESLA is a Serbian inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist.
    Born in Smiljan village, Lika, Austrian Empire (modern-day Croatia), Tesla spent his most creative years in America, where he developed alternating current AC electrical system, which is still the predominant system used across the world today. His ashes are in urn in Tesla’s Museum in Belgrade. This Tour is dedicated to him, the Serbian and the world most famous scientist.

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