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  • 370.00 CT1 11 430x430 - BELGRADE CITY SECRETS


    Out of tourist tours, our Belgrade City Secret Tour will take you to the most beautiful locations in Belgrade that are out of usual itineraries. Every location complete the picture of one fascinating city based on the ground where rivers are meeting as well as the people during its long history. Invaded many times, city was never actually conquered. Like Fenix its rising always even more beautiful, leaving us every time the new secrets to discover.

  • 370.00 Uvac


    Tour is the mix of cities and villages, combined with Nature: Novi Sad and Town Hall, Banovina, Cathedral. National park Frushka Gora and visit to the Monastery of Hopovo and Grgeteg. Sremski Karlovci and its Baroque centre, but also the wine testing. Sabac, Mokra Gora, Cer, Kolubara. Tara National Park, Zlatibor, Sirogojno. Breathtaking Sarganska osmica, Kosjeric, Pozega and Uzice. Back to Belgrade.

  • 370.00 Beli Anđeo, Mileševa


    This tour will take you to Topola and Royal Mausoleum of the Karadjordjevic family. Visit to the monastery Vraćevšnica, traditional lunch, drive to Zlatibor mountain, trip to Mileševa Monastery and its world famous “White Angel” fresco. Buckwheat pie, cream, cheese, meat… Village Zlakusi and a Terzić Etno Park with their potters. Back to Belgrade and Skadarlija street with its traditional restaurants.

  • 370.00 Manastir Manasija


    This tour will take you from Belgrade sightseeing to the monasteries Manasija and Ravanica. Drive to Kruševac and Church Lazarica, Monastery Kalenić and the famous wine region Župa to taste wines. The valley of Ibar river and monastery Studenica with its famous red wine and then to Bukovička Banja resort. Royal mausoleum of the Karadjordjevic family and Topola, coming back to Belgrade.

  • 370.00 Manastir Žiča


    This tour will take you from Belgrade to Novi Sad. Visit to the monasteries Krušedol and Grgeteg in Fruška Gora and Sremski Karlovci – cultural, spiritual and educational center of Serbs. Monasteries Ravanica, Church Lazarica, Kalenić, Ljubostinja, Žiča, where Serbian kings were crowned. You will see monasteries of Studenica, Gradac, Đurđevi Stupovi and Sopoćani, belonging to Serbs and world heritage!

  • 370.00 Fruška Gora


    Combined sightseeing, tradition and hiking tour in Vojvodina and Western Serbia. Novi Sad sightseeing, Stražilovo, Fruška Gora National Park to Sremski Karlovci, the cultural, educational and spiritual center of the Serbs. Fruška Gora, Zlatar mountain, tasting of Zlatar cheese and dried meat products. Uvac Nature reserve is the natural habitat of griffon vulture. Back to Belgrade, Nikola Tesla Museum…

  • 370.00 Rajačke Pimnice

    WINE TOUR SERBIA – God Dionysus ways

    Wine Tour Serbia, better known as God Dionysus ways, are taking you from Belgrade to Oplenac, Vrnjačka Banja, Aleksandrovac, Niš, Sićevo, Timacum Minus archeological site, Rajačke Pimnice, Village Crnajka, Lepenski Vir archeological site, Srebrno jezero, Smederevo and again to Beograd. Beautiful historical, archeological sites, beautiful nature, divine Dionysus wine and traditional food, unforgettable.

  • 370.00 GradskaKucaNoviSad@AleksandarMilutinovic 1 430x430 - WINE TOUR VOJVODINA


    Vojvodina Wine Tour will take you to the most beautiful locations in the northern region of Serbia, that are the absolute must if you want to enjoy the best wines and food. Every location is the unique story based on the people, their tradition and history. Castles, wineries, original tastes of region, or cultural, educational and spiritual places, all are guaranteeing an authentic tour experience.

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