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NIKOLA TESLA is a Serbian inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist.
Born in Smiljan village, Lika, Austrian Empire (modern-day Croatia), Tesla spent his most creative years in America, where he developed alternating current AC electrical system, which is still the predominant system used across the world today. His ashes are in urn in Tesla’s Museum in Belgrade. This Tour is dedicated to him, the Serbian and the world most famous scientist.

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE LOCATIONNikola Tesla airport, Belgrade
TRANSFER FROM/TO AIRPORTPrivate, dedicated transfer
AccommodationsMuseum tickets
Professional guideFood & drink as in Tour

Accomodation for 1 (single) or 2 (couple) people is in one apartment.

Accomodation for 3 or 4 people is in 2 apartments.

Accomodation for 5 to 6 people is in 3 apartments, 2 people in each apartment, or in 2 apartments, 2 and 4 people together.

Flight to Belgrade
Flight from Belgrade

Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.  Nikola Tesla




Arrival at the airport “Nikola Tesla” until 14:00. Private transfer to accommodation. A short pause for a holiday, then a visit to the Kalemegdan fortress: the Stambol Gate, tennis courts, the church Ružica and Sv. Friday, Observatory, Victor, … Free time (eventual return to accommodation).

Summer tour includes ZOO visit.

An evening dinner at the restaurant “Proleće”.



Meeting with the guide at 09:30 in front of the accommodation and walking to the Nikola Tesla Museum (eventually by taxi).

From 10 to 12

Entrance to the museum at 10 am and the museum visit to the curator + Virtual Tour of Tesla in the museum.
Completion of the museum’s tour around 12:00

Continue sightseeing of the city by foot:

  • Going up to King Alexander’s boulevard and walking along the Law Faculty to the Tašmajdan Park. The story of the quarry that once existed and from which rocks were used even in Roman times.
  • Arrival to the church of St. Marko, the copy of the church of Gračanica, where the sarcophagus of the Serbian Emperor Dušan is located.
  • After visiting the church, the continuation of the walk to the Serbian Parliament. Take a look at the building of the Assembly outside, as well as the Old Courtyard, across the street, with the famous balcony below where we welcome our trophy athletes.

From 13:30 to 14:30

  • Exit to Terazije and the story of the home square, the building where the Kingdom of SHS was formed, the hotel Moscow, the palace “Albania”.
  • Easy walk through Knez Mihailova street with a story about the period of development of the city after the withdrawal of the Turks and architectural styles from that period.
  • Tour of the Saborna Church, then Konak of Princess Ljubica
  • About 14:00, arriving at a tavern named “?”. Light meal and coffee break for about half an hour.

From 14: 30-15: 00 till you are tired

– Tour of the National Museum, the most important collection.

Going back to the apartment.

In the evening dinner in Skadarlija in “Three hats” restaurant, one of the oldest one in the city with the special atmosphere and music.



Meeting with the guide at 09:30 in front of the accommodation and walk to the church of Saint Sava. Upon completion of the tour, going to the House of Flowers, where our late president Tito and his wife Jovanka are reposing in the Memorial Center and, possibly nearby, the Red Star Stadium, our most refined football club where they have a museum setting.

Shorter leisure time in the city center until departure to the airport. Private transfer to the airport.

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